Day 6 – Juneau

We had so much fun yesterday doing nothing that we had to spend the morning also doing nothing. The weather was cooperating today, so we made our base around the pool and walked around the top deck to get some photos of breathtaking scenery. (Hint: the pictures don’t do them justice—you’ll have too see for yourself.)

Once we were allowed off we headed for the town. We could either take a 1 mile walk or take a shuttle for $6. We opted for the hike, but got a quarter of the way there and saw the Juneau – 1.3 mi sign and we’re like WAIT!!!”

We were committed at that point, and tredged on to a few shops before signing up for an excursion to Mendenhall Glacier! It was a short bus 🚌 ride to the park. Once we arrived we were left to explore and take a 3/4 mile hike 🥾 to Nugget Falls. We found a detour and got an additional view of the glacier, including a small patch of blue ice! 🟦🧊

Nugget Falls

We had been discussing food options as well, and talked to a few locals. While the “touristy” spots included a king crab spot and a saloon, locals warned us that the food is okay but it’s a lousy experience. Instead, we found a place called The Harbor at the Wharf that was part of a small shopping mall with an interior walkway, and it did not disappoint. I’m pretty sure we stick out as tourists in a locals place but it was still welcoming and we were able to get a snack/second lunch and a few rounds of local beer.

We needed to head back to the ship 🛳 so we walked to the shuttle station exploring the jewelry 💎 stores on the way—I counted 15 different stores on the very short path. We found a few items and then boarded the shuttle, boarded the ship, and sat down to relax for a bit.

At dinner, I have been placing my order the day before so the kitchen has time to prepare in an allergy-friendly kitchen. However, there aren’t any dessert options on the menu. I know that the staff is accommodating, so I told them I’ll have the chef’s choice of dessert. Last night it was cookies 🍪 and tonight was a strawberry shortcake adaptation. It was good but they had used coconut 🥥 (which I’m not allergic to but don’t care for) which turned me off to it. I still appreciate that they went out of the way to make me a special dessert, and that I don’t have to worry about eating dairy.

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