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  • Migrated site from to EasyWP

    My hosting contract with is up in a few weeks, and I decided to migrate to Namecheap/EasyWP. In case you follow the site and it looks/behaves differently–it was me!

  • Cheap and quick Mastodon alias

    Cheap and quick Mastodon alias

    EDIT: The format is JRD+JSON per RFC 7033. Changed the reference below, and thanks to mdaniel on HN. With the uncertainty of Twitter looming over us, I did what everyone else in the community did and looked to alternatives, including Mastodon. The appeal of Mastodon is the distributed nature, but that’s also a pitfall to […]

  • Building PI-BERNETES: a home lab

    I bought my first Raspberry Pi (B+) in 2014 when they first launched. I remember buying it because I was spending my time coding but wanted to do so on personal hardware that was accessible and replaceable, and the B+ was $35 USD at the time. I still have it, and it still works (though […]

  • Days 15 & 16 – Heading Home

    Today’s the last day (kind of—I’ll get to that) of the trip, and we felt both accomplished (from doing mostly everything we wanted to do) and burned out (from doing mostly everything we wanted to do), so we were keeping it easy today and gonna head to the airport in the afternoon. We stopped by […]

  • Day 14 – Fishing (or not)/Museum/Another Rest Day

    Before the trip began, one of the things I wanted to do as a “bucket list” item was to go fishing in Alaska. I had scoped out a place near downtown called The Bait Shack that would rent the rod, reel, waders, net, lures, etc. and were right on the creek. They even provided the […]