Day 5 – Cruising/Day at Sea

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Today was our day to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. We woke up when we want, ate breakfast, second breakfast, cheese (not me), lunch, snack, first dinner, second dinner, and snacks when we want, drank when we want (at least 15 minutes apart), and DID what we want!

So what did we do? We did start out with breakfast and had to get Marie her bougie coffee, but then decided to sit out on the deck and do nothing.

Well, that only works when the wind isn’t blowing and the temperature is nice. However, the solarium roof was closed so it felt amazing and we opted to lie around, read books, drink, (write blog posts,) and relax! I vividly remember going on cruises before and wanting to do ALL the activities—today I just wanted to sit down.

We all regrouped for lunch then headed down for Marvel trivia! Our group got 12/15–didn’t win but had fun. There were some questions that brought out the “true fans” as the answer wasn’t correct, but there was a clear winner in the end.

I also have a new drink: the Dirty Martini. 🍸 there’s a few ways to make it, but I don’t care as I basically feel like I’m drinking olives! 🫒. It’s also less sugar but doesn’t mess you up as fast as scotch. I’m definitely not pulling off the James Bond look but I still feel fancy.

After trivia, we had a tight schedule—because we had a siesta planned. I don’t know that it was actually the plan…but it became the plan when I fell asleep. I was woken up for dinner, and I’m all about that!

One of the perks of a cruise is the restaurant staff will go out of their way to accommodate allergies and intolerances—they are committed to you having the best onboard experience possible. Because of that, I get a preview of tomorrow’s meal selection and talk with the maître d’ (Megan told me how to spell that—ask her for the meaning of the word) about tomorrow’s order. I get to help customize tomorrow’s meal, but when I arrived today they told me that they had to make another adjustment. When you have a dairy allergy that can really interrupt a vacation, you take special care to make the right food choices. However, I also LOVE that the restaurant staff is also looking out for me and makes adjustments to ensure I’m at peak performance. It takes some of the burden off of me—which is part of being on vacation!

After dinner we picked a group activity for the family—50’s and 60’s dancing in the Colony Club. I 100% was the type of person to watch others dance! 🤣 but it was a good “calm down” activity for the night before we all retire.

But of course, there’s on thing that we all come to a cruise for: the towel animals! Today’s post is brought to you by the towel BUNNY!

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