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  • Days 15 & 16 – Heading Home

    Today’s the last day (kind of—I’ll get to that) of the trip, and we felt both accomplished (from doing mostly everything we wanted to do) and burned out (from doing mostly everything we wanted to do), so we were keeping it easy today and gonna head to the airport in the afternoon. We stopped by […]

  • Day 14 – Fishing (or not)/Museum/Another Rest Day

    Before the trip began, one of the things I wanted to do as a “bucket list” item was to go fishing in Alaska. I had scoped out a place near downtown called The Bait Shack that would rent the rod, reel, waders, net, lures, etc. and were right on the creek. They even provided the […]

  • Day 13 – Train to Whittier and Glacier Tour

    When we left the cruise ship, we were definitely underwhelmed by the glacier…but then in Seward we found a flyer to see 26 glaciers in a day (on a 5-hour cruise). Long story short…today’s that day! So far on this trip, I’ve taken a car 🚗, a plane ✈️, a bus 🚌, and a ship […]

  • Day 12 – Anchorage Rest Day

    Day 12 – Anchorage Rest Day

    We opted to make today a rest day so we could wash clothes, get groceries, and settle in. We started by discussing the coffee ☕️ option and found a little coffee house called Aftershock Espresso. It was a 9-minute walk away and had a grocery store nearby, so we put on our Alaska clothes and […]

  • Day 11 – Departing cruise into Seward

    Day 11 – Departing cruise into Seward

    Today’s our final day of the cruise, but unlike other cruises, we had to be off by 9:00 AM! 🥱 We did have time for breakfast and then went to our staterooms to wait on our number to be called. Luckily, we were only waiting a few minutes then got called through. I’ve seen the […]