Day 2 – Underground Seattle/Pike’s Place Market

Today was a day to explore downtown Seattle with the group. Public transportation is big in Seattle, so after a brief walk/run and a stop at the local coffee shop (because, ☕️) we took a bus 🚌 to downtown and stopped at Pioneer Square and got a cappuccino (with almond milk) before heading on a tour of Underground Seattle.

Latte art for the morning

Underground Seattle

Many don’t know that there’s an entire underground system in Seattle. Without going through the full history, they actually built Seattle at one level then decided to level the city to be flatter. (Check the photo captions)

Pike’s Place Market

We then walked up to Pike’s Place Market. We walked around a few shops, saw the “flying fish”, and even had a quick bite a Lowell’s with an awesome view of the market below. After eating (four of us split two meals, and were still full) we went further into the market and came across selling “BBQ Pork Sticks”…and got one!

Megan has also been talking about Piroshky Piroshky nonstop, so we stopped in there but they didn’t have any I could eat so I’ll get one next time. However, it smelled DELICIOUS! 🤤

“flying fish”

Evening: Uwajimaya Asian Market

After a quick (but much needed) siesta, we ventured out to the food court Uwajimaya Asian Market so we could all pick out which food we wanted. We then walked around and found a boba tea place where I had my first boba tea! I’m amazed we ate at all considering how many times we stopped for food today, but nonetheless we ventured on. It was funny how after walking out of the market that we saw a place that had “rice hot dogs” and we had to seriously consider trying one. I’m convinced I could come here 20 times and never eat the same food twice!

We also set our plans for tomorrow. (Hint: 🍩🏛) Megan also got me hooked on Only Murders in the Building, and the second season just came out, so we’re ending the night with that and a dirty martini! 🍸

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  1. You are definitely packing in as much as you can….way to go. Thanks for sharing. I see allot of masks wearing? Is this a requirement in certain areas?

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