Day 1 – Flight to Seattle/Baseball Game

I started the day at 5:30 AM EDT, got dressed, was already packed, and caught an Uber 🚕 to the airport. I had worn my boots (because I was already pretty heavy on my checked bag) and of course they set off the sensors. Despite being TSA PreCheck, still took a whopping 6 minutes to get through security! 😀

Starting the trip…

My itinerary today took me to Seattle via Dallas. The first leg was uneventful (I did get a good shot of downtown Dallas), but we sat on the ground for an hour and a half at Dallas because of a scheduling issue…which is much better than a maintenance issue!

downtown Dallas from the air

We had done some prudent planning—my flight (originally) arrived with Cassidy & Owen’s flight so that we could make a single airport run, which oddly still worked in our favor! After making it to Seattle, we arrived at our first destination—Megan’s apartment! 🏠

We quickly settled in, took a siesta, and then went down to catch the ferry ⛴ to get to T-Mobile Park for the Orioles vs. Mariners game! ⚾️

The ferry ⛴ from West Seattle to Seattle
downtown Seattle from aboard the ferry ⛴

Because of all the travel and theoretically short layover, I didn’t have a chance to eat lunch or dinner…well, I did but then passed on it. When we got through the gate, I was on a mission—🦀🍟 CRAB FRIES 🦀🍟

It’s just fries, seasoned with Old Bay, topped with crab meat!!!


The game wasn’t very exciting for 8 1/2 innings until we rallied (rally caps 🧢 and all) for the Mariners to win 2-0!

4 out of 5 vacationers recommend a pre-vacation baseball game!

After the game, we stopped by the market to pick up a few things, and headed back to the apartment—and finally went to sleep around 12:30 AM PDT—a 21 hour day! 🥱

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