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Match Containers to Host Processes

on February 23, 2019

During my presentation Securing Container Workloads on AWS Fargate, I built a demo environment where I could build and run various containers and show the effect they had on the host. While my demo went well, a key piece of feedback is that customers liked how I presented the demo environment by having containers and their host processes on one side. To that end, I’ll show you. Containers Pane To show the currently running containers on a given host, use docker ps.

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Securing Container Workloads on AWS Fargate

on February 19, 2019

When containers first became mainstream (think PyCon 2013 with Solomon Hykes on stage), everyone thought it had potential and began to test running containers on their own, but almost no one set out to put containers in production that day. They wanted to see it battle-tested…which has happened over time. Containers have matured from an emerging technology to production-ready where it’s generally considered safe, but there’s a new problem. Now, we need our business processes, tools, and architecture models to mature as well.

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What's Your Exit Strategy?

on February 8, 2019

Why are we afraid of “lock in”? Typically we hear the term and automatically assume it’s bad. It certainly can be, but doesn’t mean that every situation you’re in is a bad one. On February 8, 2019, I gave an Ignite talk regarding Exit Strategies and “lock in” at DevOpsDays Charlotte. We broke down “lock in” and the varying degrees of it, then talked about how you can use it to your advantage by having an Exit Strategy (which is exactly as it sounds).

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Automatically Deploy Hugo Blog to Amazon S3

on January 19, 2019

I had grand aspirations of maintaining a personal blog on a weekly basis, but sometimes that isn’t always possible. I’ve been using my iPad and Working Copy to write posts, but had to use my regular computer to build and publish. CI/CD pipelines help, but I couldn’t find the right security and cost optimizations for my use case…until this year. My prior model had my blog stored on GitLab because it enabled a free private repository (mainly to hide drafts and future posts).

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Containers are a lightweight process on a host that includes everything needed to run: code, runtime, binaries, libraries, settings.

AWS ECS, AWS ECR, AWS Fargate, AWS EKS, Kubernetes, Docker


DevOps is a software engineering culture and practice that aims at unifying software development (Dev) and software operation (Ops).

AWS Code*, Jenkins, Circle

Open Source

Open Source is publicly developed and available software, released by license granting the use to anyone and for any purpose.

GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture brings new challenges and benefits to architecture. By architecting cloud-first, applications gain tremendous business advantages...when done properly.


Load Balancing

Load Balancing refers to distributing network traffic across geographical regions or local environments across a group of endpoints.

AWS ELB, F5, nginx, Citrix


Networking refers to the connections between endpoints, ranging from across the room to across the world.

Juniper, Cisco