Day 10 – At Sea/Hubbard Glacier

Despite our best efforts to relax yesterday—we didn’t. Fortunately, today is “Hubbard Glacier day” as we pulled through the waters to get a monumental view of the glacier.

I also got the bright idea to use a Zoom lens…which is just me holding the phone up to the binoculars to take the pictures.

Last night at dinner, our Head Waiter gave us the opportunity for a discount on a specialty seating on a specialty restaurant experience called the Taste of Royal, where we enjoy a four course meal where each course is from a specialty restaurant across the Royal Caribbean fleet of ships! Most importantly, they accommodated my dairy allergy with every course!

Everyone was trying to pace themselves during the risotto meal, so Megan asked for a “to go” container to consolidate the risotto and not waste food. They told her that she must have fresh risotto to go, and brought her out an ENTIRE container of risotto before we left! 🥹

There were some post-meal naps that I also got photos of, but it is bad for “my health” to post them! 🤪

We were moving pretty fast by the afternoon and my cellular data worked for about a second, but I did snap a quick screenshot of our progress. Yakutat is the mouth up to the glacier and we’re heading to Seward.

There was ONE place on this ship that I wasn’t allowed to go…

Hair salon is for those with…hair

Overall, it’s been a great cruise. We had to pack up our luggage and souvenirs (to which I’m stoked that I brought a packable duffle bag) and put them out for disembarking tomorrow. But tomorrow also starts the post-vacation. It was cheaper to fly back in 4 days than to fly back tomorrow, so we rented an Airbnb for tomorrow onward, and play to spend the day in Seward.

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